Background Wood

An iconic piece of furniture can be a powerful thing. It can transform a home, defining the way people live and provide a focal point for life’s memorable moments. That’s why our process begins by hand.


Our tradespeople are masters of their crafts with skills developed over many years. Their care and attention to detail ensure every piece of Lineal furniture meets its full potential to transform a home.


Hand-selected timbers, premium materials, and exceptional design ensure every piece in the enduring range of Lineal furniture is created to stand the test of time.


The people behind Lineal

Mark White
Director of Ramvek Shopfitting Company – a specialist retail and hospitality industry shopfitter – Mark has been manufacturing premium joinery for over 30 years. His eye for detail and his passion for producing custom-made joinery in Melbourne has led to an organisation which has grown to employ 100 people.


Jon Mikulic
Director of DC Group and Newline Design for over 25 years, Jon leads a well-regarded practice that specialises in residential and hospitality projects. His passion for furniture design over the journey has lead to hundreds of individual designs for his various projects. This work has been the catalyst for the design of a new range of furniture for Lineal.