12 December 2017

Furniture of a different nature

Lineal Furniture is carefully crafted from the finest materials to live up to life’s memorable moments. Following the built-in forms of nature, each design captures a moment that is both contemporary and timeless, with a stylish appeal that feels right at home – no matter where that home may be.

As our societies respond to the realisation that our disposable world of short-term and mass-produced flat pack furniture is not sustainable, at Lineal we are focused on creating furniture pieces that will stand the test of time. That was the challenge, and one that we believed was worth the painstaking efforts to achieve.

With 30 years as a designer across architecture, interiors and industrial design, I started Lineal to bring premium, enduring pieces to Australian homes. Each piece of timber contains its own personality and its own voice. In a sense, we are finding the best way to release that voice so each piece can tell its story.

We achieve this by taking the time to seek out the forms and lines that occur naturally in the timbers we use. This is all done by hand, right from our initial designs, to ensure our love of care and attention shines through. It’s a vital personal touch.

From these handmade beginnings to the high-quality commercial output of our carefully controlled manufacturing process, Lineal Furniture is rich with traditional craftsmanship and sophisticated detailing.

Unique to the industry, every timeless piece is built to be passed down – designed and carefully crafted to be around for years to come, retelling their stories to generation after generation.

Jon Mikulic

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